Android Send/Receive data with Arduino using Bluetooth – Part 2

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To get things moving along quickly I am going to use the same activity that I used in the last blog to find my paired devices. This can be found here. Only one thing will change and that is the activity name. Call it DeviceListActivity, as it is no longer the main activity.

Also make sure that you update your permissions in the manifest to allow bluetooth (and the DeviceListActivity name if you didn’t start a new project from part 1).

Now on to the new stuff! We are making an activity that will allow us to turn on/off an LED on the Arduino as well as receive data via bluetooth. When finished it will look like the image below. Screenshot_2014-04-12-01-40-22 As we are sending and receiving data this time through Bluetooth rather than just sending there are a few more things to take care of.

First of all is…

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