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What if you want to build a secure RESTful web service without using HTTPS? Simple, you just need to implement your secure way to transfer data from endpoints to endpoints. This article written by @Jeff Atwood can definitely give you some hints on how to ensure your message transfer safe. So I will not explain it in the post and suppose you have the basic knowledge of cryptography.

RESTful Web Service

WCF Web API is really handy to build a RESTful web service. Your service class looks as simple as following

And with a little bit configuring in your global.asax file

And your RESTful web service is ready for up and running.

Secure RESTful Web Service

In order to make sure the incoming and outgoing messages are safe. I will first introduce Message and EncryptedMessage and a helper class EncryptionHelper to encrypt and decrypt the messages.

Then, we need to…

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